Most time of the Malaysian waste on the social media and specially on Facebook. But in couple of days there are a huge controversial wave about Facebook company, it cost them a huge fallen in their stocks exchange, because a report from the guardian and the New York Times about 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica without users permission.

It make lots of people closing their accounts on facebook, scaring of their personal date to be used, but Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook company has apologizing regards this matter, but no use from this action, people already lost their trust on facebook, but here in Malaysia people don’t bother.

The Facebook in Malaysia is very popular specially among the youth and teenagers, is platform for these people to release their feelings and expression, but the people in Malaysia not aware of what happening on Facebook, even they don’t bother about people hacking their accounts, because there are simple people. They just want to live, and they want to sharing entertainment, nothing more.

Here in Malaysia the facebook is very good platform for marketing, because there are a huge market to share with, and very easy to reach, facebook is a platform, use it freely to make you profit. This my advice to you.

This all for today see you later….


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