Sultan Abdul Samad Building is Located along Jalan Raja in front of the Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square) and the Royal Selangor Club in Kuala Lumpur. Its original name was simply Government Offices. It was renamed in 1974 after Sultan Abdul Samad, who was the Sultan of Selangor at the time of construction. 

It was built between 1894 and 1897 on the site of a row of former shophouses facing a field now known as Merdeka Square. The building was commissioned by the British administration in an effort to centralize administrative offices. 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building is now home to the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture of Malaysia. Though it no longer serves an official purpose, it remains one of the city’s most important tourist attractions and a historical landmark in the city. 

Nowadays Malaysian like to hang out there with their families at nights, and sometimes the government held events to celebrate any country occasions. Check our photos here  

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