Just one day left from the new year of 2019, this year was so fast like a one day crossed by. I was planning many things but nothing done. The tips are never give up, move forwards maybe the good thing will come in the next new year. I hope that the new year 2019 will be better, and I will accomplish something of my planning, hope so.

Tourism in Malaysia in my opinion is need to improve a lot, because if we coming to the hospitality there are lots of things need to improve. The most important things is the people, the people need to be friendly, and this is the main factor to boost the tourist. 

Malaysian have to be welcoming to who coming to their country, but they don’t, sorry to say that. There are lots of foreign people staying in Malaysia and Malaysian people dislike it. They are not having graceful harmony with others, but if we return to their culture there are not, they are friendly.

I know the Malaysian are friendly with other people specially the Malays, because they are the majority in the country. They changed in my view after they are mixed with the immigrant who came to Malaysia the last two decades. The culture shock was happening here, the greed, the negative behavior, the less graceful people and the stubborn attitude was shocking the Malaysian people.

To solve this problem is to educate the Malaysian to be friendly and make them know how to accept the others with their attitude for their own good. Learning to handle negative people in tourism is a must in my opinion to blooming the tourism in Malaysia.

The second factor is the quality of the service, as Malaysia has the potential in tourism. It need to improve the quality of the service, if we come to the hotel hospitality, the quality is not standard, as the five star hotels, we can’t rank it as five-star hotel. The quality is not there, sorry to say that.

In my view there are lots of things need to improve, the first thing is improving the customer service. Next the renewing of the hotel’s accommodates, the look of the hotel, the clean of the rooms, and the price. If the managers of the hotels just thinking of how to generate profits, it will not be considering the quality because they thinking only of the quantity of people who will come, to make it happen they need to consider the quality of their service.

The last factor is the government base on the minister of tourism need to improve the infrastructure of tourism in Malaysia. The main things is the airport, because the airport is the first gate to Malaysia. If the airport is not good the other thing will be not good to the tourist. This based on first expression of the tourist.

I am not saying that the Kuala Lumpur international Airport (KLIA) not good, but it need to improve to the better shape, my experience at the immigration counters and the luggage area, it needs to improve.

This all about tourism in Malaysia in my own personal view, I love Malaysia very much and want to see it leading the world in tourism, because it has the potential to lead it.


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