Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park covers 70-hectare lush, beautifully landscaped park is most commonly known by its colonial-era moniker: the Lake Gardens (Tasik Perdana in Malay). Still most commonly known as the Lake Gardens, this is KL’s major recreation area, now named after the country’s second prime minister. 

The Park lush green park was originally built in the 1880 making it the oldest public recreational park in KL. enjoy the amazing view as you see everything the park has to offer and the theme parks you wish to explore deeper. 

In this garden you will find a diverse array of features like a soothing waterfall, a beautifully designed sunken garden with a fountain in the heart of it. walking paths between the lush nature so you can calm your mind while exploring nature and smelling the flowers around.  

Here what you can find in Tun Abdul Razak Heritage Park

Panggung Anniversary 

Within Perdana Botanical Garden you will find an open-air theater called the Panggung Anniversary. At this amphitheater regular cultural events and free concerts are given to the lucky audience.  

Orchid garden  

Malaysia prides itself on its many native orchid species that have made the country it’s home. The access to this garden is free so don’t be shy to visit it.   

Hibiscus park  

The Hibiscus is Malaysia’s national flower. The flower is excellent for landscaping as the showy flower can be in bloom any time of the year, the herbs can be used for teas and it attracts colorful butterflies.  

Deer park  

A great place to visit with the family is the deer park. The deer park is home to several species of deer, with the most interesting being the mouse deer, which is also known as the Kancil or Chevrotain. 

Butterfly park  

Butterflies are almost universally loved. So, a fun place to visit during your stay in Kuala Lumpur is the butterfly park.  

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park  

Nowhere else on the planet you can find a bigger enclosed bird park where you can experience birds roaming freely than in Kuala Lumpur.   

The National Monument, Tugu Negara  

The Heritage Park is home to one of the most impressive statues of Kuala Lumpur. The war memorial Tun Negara, which is the National Monument of Malaysia.  

Tun Abduk Razak Heritage Park 

Opening Hours: Daily 07:00 – 20:00 

Address: Jalan Parlimen, Kuala Lumpur 

Tel: +603 2691 6011 

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