It took me almost two hours to write this article, actually I want to write this article long time ago, because Malaysia is great place to tell about, and people deserve to know about it. As this year 2018 we are will writes to you about Malaysia, we already post articles about the States in Malaysia you can check it here. and our plan is to write first about the greater Kuala Lumpur.

In we will publish information about Malaysia, focusing in many factors based on people need. As our researches we find a lot of information cannot find it online, we can google it but there are not specific and very difficult to relay on. 

The information that will provided is what people need to make their trip to Malaysia very easy. So, we will provide information as general information, as location, addresses, and reviews. As policy is to write in five major categories which are general information, Tourism, Education, Health care, and Business and Trading.

These five categories we put our path on it as our guide, some of it we not going to write about it in the meantime, like Education, and Businesses and Trading, we will focus now in general information and tourism only.

Returning to the main subject which is why you need to know about Malaysia? There are many things that you don’t know about Malaysia, there are a lot of hidden gems you don’t know about it, and the online community not updating it yet, by following you never miss these information. So follow us!

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