We are in JoyMalaysia always thinking of joyful things to bring to the table, and we thought that you can find joyful in food. So, we bring this café is yummy, is cozy, everybody loved it, it is Ra-ft café. 

We will tell you what people said about Ra-ft café. Kathryn Yee wrote on TripAdvisor “Wonderful experience here again!! I messaged them earlier to reserve but in view of the covid situation, they didn’t allow reservation any longer, yet when we arrived, we found out that they had prepared one of the best seats for us! We felt absolutely special and were so grateful for this little gesture! Staff were amazing! And food were great! Highly recommended! 

Another review on TripAdvisor from BL_Leo state “RA-FT is one of my favourite breakfast places in town. My first time was at their Mont Kiara outlet which is review earlier but this time I went to their downtown KL’s outlet in Binjai 8 near KLCC. It is definitely more spacious and bright compared to their other outlets. Gotta love the high ceiling with greenery view outside. 

Back to food – one of few breakfast places with pork in their menu. 
◾ Classic Egg Benedict – homemade bread, baby spinach, bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce with everything stacked up nicely on the plate. Not enough? Go for more at as one like Gourmet & Royale where they use premium Parma ham or smoked salmon respectively. 
◾ Instead of full RA-FT breakfast which is their signature, I opted to create my own plate consisted of croissant, scrambled eggs, pork sausage with 2 side dishes of roasted tomatoes and mushrooms. 
◾ Of course breakfast is never complete without a nice cup of latte and flat white to go with the food. 
On normal days, I’d go to their Mutiara Damansara or Mont Kiara outlet, as they are closer to home.” 

There are more reviews out there, but this is the latest, we think is good café that gives you new experience and joyful moment. If you want where you can find it check our post about Ra-ft here. 

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